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Aftenskolen Folkeslag

Tribal Style Bellydance

-Short description in English

TEACHING: Wednesday January 30 - Wednesday May 22. There is no class February 13, April 17 and May 1st.


LOCATION: Korsager skole - Gymnastiksal 72

TEACHER: Dud Muurmand


NB! A few of the classes will be moved to Islands Brygge School during the season, where classes will be held together with the drum class. The dates will be announced ahead of time to all classes.



Wednesday 18.00-19.30 – Tribal Style II / Intermed

Wednesday 19.45-21.15 – Tribal Style III / Advanced



Tribal Style Bellydance

A group dance where tecnique and formations have been inspired and created with technique, steps and formatons from Indian dance, Flamenco, Oriental dance and even some modern dance. The strongest element is the colaboration between the dancers to form a synchronized ”tribe-style” of dance which means we are not working by choreography but by shifting moves and formations during the dance via non-verbal cues between the dancers. Our style of tribal is the FatChanceBellydance ATS® format with a repertoire of Folkeslag dialect formations.


Dancers from all classes are invited to join in the open-air street jams we do in Aftenskolen Folkeslag during the year with the drummers (Slagkraft) and the dancers (Tribaldance). This is not mandatory, but an extra offer to our participants to be part of our mutual community and cross-work.


During the season we also make joint classes with the drummers on Islands Brygge School.




TRIBAL STYLE II – Improvised group dance

NIVEAU: Intermediate

Wednesday 18.00-19.30 /Dud Muurmand


Intermediate level technique and formations in ATS® format + Folkeslag repertoire.

This class is aimed at dancers with approximately 1/2 -1 years of experience with ATS® level 1-2 or dancers from a previous class in ”tribal-2”.


ZILS: we play zils – and will still train basic rhytms and technique



TRIBAL STYLE BELLYDANCE III – Improvisation & creativity

LEVEL: Advanced

Wednesdays 19.45-21.15 / Dud Muurmand


This advanced class will work to improve your technical skills within ATS® + Folkeslag dialect, as well as challenge you on formation skills and creativity within the group dance format.

This is also the class, where we work creatively together to make new Folkeslag formations that will be used in all our classes.


Dancers in this class must have 2-3 years experience with ATS® level 1-3 – and also have been with a Folkeslag dance group before to know the format.


ZILS: We play advanced Zils.


If in doubt, please contact Dud Muurmand (





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Standard: 1100 kr.


Reduced price (PEA): 700 kr.

If you pay a reduced price you must submit documentation.


Children (only together with parents or grandparents): 700 kr.

Payment is via:


Arbejdernes Landsbank reg. 5301 kontonr. 0252755.

Documentation for reduced payment

Do you receive “dagpenge”, “supplerende dagpenge” or “kontanthjælp”, you must complete a solemn declaration (Tro- og loveerklæring) and send it to Aftenskolen Folkeslag at each season.


Are you a student and receive SU, you must submit a copy of your support message each time you start a new season.


Are you an apprentice, you must submit current training agreement with each season.


Do you receive “førtidspension” or “efterløn”, you must submit documentation. The documentation is durable. This means that if you posted it once, do not submit it again.


Are you retired and you're 65 years old, you do not need to submit documentation.